Kaylee Rose drops debut single, "Good Intentions"

Kaylee Rose’s debut single, “Good Intentions,” is at once soul-filled and groove-inducing, contrasted by a rootsy acoustic guitar performance and a mid-song rap that makes the young artist’s inaugural effort feel as significant to Country as Blondie’s genre-bending “Rapture” was to 80s mainstream Pop. While it took Rose and co-writer Chris Stevens two years to finish writing the song “Good Intentions,” it took Rose only two months to write the rap, which she penned solely. “The song should be ‘Kaylee Rose featuring Kaylee Rose,’” she jokes. 

The plain-spoken narrative of “Good Intentions,” showcases Rose’s unique wordplay abilities, telling the true story of an argument between herself and her best friend whose boyfriend was no good. That same best friend stars in the official music video, which mirrors the song’s storyline. 

“I try to do the right thing and sometimes – a lot of times – I mess it up. ‘Good Intentions’ is a trail of disaster,” laughs Rose. “I say what most people think but don’t want to say out loud. My music is me as a person. What you hear is what you get.”